Companies for sale in Lithuania

If you are planning to start a business and it is important for you to start as soon as possible, the best choice is to buy an established company. You will not need to prepare company’s founding documents, to create a company name, to form the authorized capital, search for a registration address and do other things that are formal but necessary to start your own business.

We offer you the opportunity to buy a company that has already been established, but has not started its activities. Together, with other company purchase and sales documents, we prepare a guarantee letter, confirming that sold company, from the date of establishment to the date of sale, has not carried out any activities, has not incurred any liabilities, and has no debts to individual persons or legal persons. You just have to sign a share purchase and sale agreement with us or the transfer of a member’s rights contract, Register new data in the Centre of Register of Legal Entities and everything is ready! If you have a business idea, hurry up to implement it!

What are the benefits of buying an already established company?

  • You do not need to create a name;
  • You do not need to prepare the founding documents;
  • You do not need to combine the founding documents with a notary;
  • You do not need to open Accrual bank account;
  • You do not need your own fund for formation of authorized capital (2500 euros or bigger);
  • You do not have to search for a registration address;
  • Documents are made within 1 day;
  • Avoiding all establishing procedures;
  • This is the fastest way to start a business;
  • All procedures are arranged at one meeting.

What taxes does the company pay?

Personal income tax.

Personal income tax rate – 20%. 


Profit tax.

Profit tax rate – 15 %. 

5 % preferential corporate tax rate applies to:

1) Average number of employees in the list does not exceed 10 persons


2) Taxable income does not exceed 300 000 euros.

This rule does not apply:

For legal entities in which the same participant controls more than 50% shares (parts, share) on the last day of the tax day.



According to the law on VAT, legal persons are obliged to register as VAT payers if the proceeds from the sale of goods (provided services) in the territory of the country, during the last 12 month, have been received is more than 45 000 euros. Also if legal entities purchased (imported) goods for more than 14 000 euros within calendar year, from another Member State. Legal entities can also become VAT payers by voluntarily, submitting an application to the State Tax Inspectorate and other documents necessary for VAT registration.

Standard VAT rate – 21 %.


Social insurance tax

21,27 %  (State social insurance)


23,97 % if insured person pays an additional 2,7% pension payment with his own funds.


24,27 % if insured person pays an additional 3% pension payment with his own funds.



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