Individual enterprise reformation

Individual corporate reorganization (THE reorganization) – when an enterprise is being transformed into a public limited-liability company, private limited and public institution.

The documents and information necessary for:

  • THE registration certificate;
  • THE regulations;
  • THE balance sheet;
  • the asset valuation report (if the assets transferred for UAB shares) or from the Bank ‘s statement about the amount of €2500;
  • the data about the owner (name, identity number, declared place of residence);
  • details of the Director of THE JSC (name, surname, identity number, declared place of residence);
  • THE JSC name;
  • home address (required notarised consent of the owner of the premises. Where the rooms housing the Bank pledged – Bank consent.)

 We ‘ll do the following:

  • individual company restructuring consultate matters;
  • legal entity of a new legal form will have a name in the register of legal persons;
  • the owner of the individual enterprise and the Decision on the resolution we will have other legal instruments;
  • the legislation laid down a new version of the document conforms to the requirements of the Treaty;
  • ensure adequate publication of the information on the transformation of the individual enterprise;
  • fill in a few forms submitted to the register of legal persons (JAR format);
  • notaries especially in the Office and in the register of legal persons.