Company formation

Establishment of companies, establishment of a company – entrust the start of your business to experienced specialists.

We have extensive experience in the field of establishing companies. Entrust the start of your cherished business to us – we will professionally take care of a fast and high-quality company establishment process and a smooth start of the business you are creating.

 We establish different legal forms of legal entities:

The establishment of the company – is one of the main activities. Experienced team and tops team skills allows speedy decision-making and ensure a smooth customer business startups. Our services: maintain a record of the name of the legal person, preparing documentation, opening a Bank account, and we have advanced in the share capital of the company, we take care of seal production company in the register of legal persons. All you have to do is sign up for us, and all the other things we’re perform: 

  • preparation of documentation;
  • clear and informative replies;
  • customer interest representation in State institutions and organizations and in relations with third parties;
  • consultations on all issues for enterprise creation;
  • establishment of enterprises with JSC Juriscon “– best price/quality ratio.

Founding of an enterprise, establishment of enterprises (LTD, AB establishment, etc.) and all our other legal services provided by the success of your business.