To change the name (for legal persons)

Change the name of a legal person shall be members of a legal person (shareholders, members  of theshareholders) meeting. Changing the name of a legal person, document confirming the new Treaty (provisions, statutes) which shall be registered in the legal entities register.

Before changing the name of a legal person, must publish about it in public, or notify the person in writing to all the creditors.

You can change the name, logo and company together.

If your company is registered in the register of trade marks of the Republic of Lithuania (or just filed a trademark application), the change of name must be registered in the State register of trade marks.

Required information and documents:

  • the new name of the legal person;
  • legal documents and data:

certificate of registration, and

and the instrument of incorporation (statutes, regulations, etc.),

while the appointment of the head of the document,

representatives of the legal person and the given names, surnames, personal codes;

  • members of a legal person (Member shareholders, members) data:

while the name and surname, personal code number, declared place of residence, the number of votes held by the

but if the legal person is a legal person: the name, code, address of the legal person ‘s representative, names, surnames, personal codes.

 Our services:

  • we will check your name in the register of legal entities, as well as the trademark electronic databases;
  • the name and will evaluate compliance with the norms of the Lithuanian language;
  • we ‘ll add your name to the register of legal persons;
  • the shareholders’ meeting minutes/sole shareholder ‘s Decision, we will ensure adequate publication of information about convening the general meeting of shareholders;

the requirements set forth in legal acts to the new version of the founding document (statutes);

  • ensure the provision of appropriate information to change the name of a legal person;
  • fill in a few forms submitted to the register of legal persons (JAR format);
  • notaries especially in the Office and in the register of legal persons.

Legal entity name change cost from 300 Eur.