The liquidation of a company

Company ‘s liquidation, the liquidation of UAB – termination of activities of the legal person discharging him from the register of legal entities, which have been collected and stored the data. A legal person may be liquidated by the owner or by the Decision of the general meeting. From the date of adoption of the Decision cancelled all former legal person ‘s managing bodies and the governing body functions shall be taken over by the owner or the liquidator appointed by a Decision of the.

The liquidation of the undertaking process:

  •  a legal person or the holder of the Decision of the shareholders’ meeting to liquidate the legal person;
  •  the deal on the liquidation of the legal person, as well as the incorporation of the daily newspaper, publicly announcing to all creditors of the legal person in writing;
  • register of legal persons the legal status of a legal person under liquidation;
  • we represent the legal person in liquidation and the archive of the State tax Inspectorate;
  • check out legal person from the register of legal persons.

 Company ‘s liquidation, the liquidation of UAB – from 400 Eur.