Accounting – it is something which is essential for the company or for a long time. Together with the establishment and keeping of accounting service that we offer. We provide tax advice, we represent the State tax Inspectorate. Accounting is performed from the source document before closing sets for the preparation and presentation of financial statements. 

Customer provides direct access to the Internet, the system on which the client is to store accounts, sales invoices, controlling the settlement.

According to customers individual needs, we provide the following services:


primary accounting document posting;

human resources: wage calculation, orders relating to the preparation of human resources;

tax declarations and supervisors: VMI, Sodra, VĮ „Registrų centras“;

financial reporting controllers – profit (loss) report, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, the company ‘s consolidation reports, etc.;

accounting for packaging;

payment orders to suppliers for goods and services, personnel, fiscal

control of suppliers/customers, settlement of debts;

representation of the institutions;