Reorganisation of an enterprise

Enterprise reorganisation – end this legal person without the liquidation procedure. The main purpose of this procedure – business processes in order to increase the company ‘s operational efficiency, reduce corporate governance of one or more of the administrative costs, simplify the management of multiple companies and so on. In other words, a legal person under reorganisation after reorganisation mulling – is connected to it or the other legal person, or other operating or newly forming distributed to legal persons.

Reorganisation of an enterprise may be performed in two ways: merger and division.

There are legal ways to connect the connection and the connection is:

  • connect – of one or more legal persons connecting to another legal entity.
  • join – is two or more legal persons into a new legal entity

There are legal ways of distribution division:

  • landlordism – is a legal person under reorganisation in the rights and obligations of distribution to other legal persons.
  • split – reorganisation is a legal basis for the establishment of two or more legal persons, who have certain parts move reorganizuoto legal rights and obligations.

In all cases of reorganisation must be drawn up for restructuring, which is the central document and detail how they planned reorganisation will be executed, as among the companies participating in the reorganisation of assets, rights and obligations of a legal person, the manner in which other participants become legal participants, etc.

 We will give these companies the reorganisation and separation facilities:

  • legal unbundling kconsultate reorganisation and issues;
  • we will temporarily after the reorganisation of the new legal entity name in the register of legal persons;
  • a reorganisation or conditions of separation;
  • the protocols, decisions, reports and a reorganization and other legal documents;

the legislation laid down a new version of the document conforms to the requirements of the Treaty;

ensure adequate information about the publication of reorganization or separation;

  • fill in a few forms submitted to the register of legal persons;
  • the notary ‘s Office, especially in the register of legal persons in the other institutions and/or organisations.

All of the company ‘s reorganization proceedings with JSC Juriscon “– optimum prices.