Registration of the trade mark

Trade Mark – any sign capable of – distinguish one person from another person ‘s goods or services in respect of goods or services, and which can be represented graphically.

What may be a trade mark?

Trade Mark may consist of the following tags: words, personal surnames, names, artistic pseudonyms, names of legal persons, slogans, numbers, letters, paintings, emblems, three-dimensional form (the shape of goods, their packaging or containers), colours or combinations of colours, their compositions, in any combination of signs.

Brand ‘s registrating:

  •  guidance on the registration of trade marks;
  • preparing applications and other documents for the registration of trade marks in Lithuania in the EU and in other countries;
  • we mark the desired recording compliance with legislation;
  • we represent the State patent Bureau of the registration of a trade mark during the process.

 Time limits and procedures:

  • In 1 month – examination of trade mark applications (mark granted temporary legal protection);
  • In 6 month – examination mark (mark shall be registered in the register of trade marks);
  • In 3 month – mark of a registration certificate.

A trade mark may be used in the examination of the application, i. e. after 1 months.

Costs of trade mark registration in Lithuania:

 300 Eur (+30 Eur for each additional class of goods and (or) services) our service trade mark registration in Lithuania;

180 Eur (+40 Eur for each class of goods and (or) services) state fee for trademark registration, publication and granting certificate of registration.

 costs of registration of trade mark in European Union (EU):

 500 Eur (+30 Eur for each additional class of goods and (or) services) our services for Community trade mark registration;

850 Eur (+50 Eur for the second additional class of goods and (or) services;  +150 Eur for more than three classes) state fee on the filing of an application.

 cost of the international trade mark registration:

 500 Eur (+30 Eur for each additional class of goods and (or) services) our services for International trade mark registration;

653 Swiss francs (where the brand is non-figured, black-and-white) or 903 Swiss francs (where the brand is figurative, colored) paid under the auspices of the world intellectual property organisation (WIPO) in Geneva and the international Bureau (+100 Swiss francs for each class of goods or services involving more than three classes).

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