Preparation of agreements

Our company ‘s business card – preparation of agreements. Professionally and quickly preparing the various agreements, all Treaties, drafting issues. We have already signed contracts, the signature of the Treaties, a legal analysis of the issues.

The contracts:

  • Shares (material, immaterial) transfer agreement;
  • Shareholder rights transfer agreement;
  • Sale and purchase agreement;
  • Gift contract;
  • Debt transfer agreement;
  • Lease (premises, facility, company, land plot, non-residential premises) contract;
  • Use (car, premises) contract;
  • Exchange Agreement;
  • Services (legal, translation, advertising, commission, accounting) contract;
  • Preliminary contract;
  • Security Agreement;
  • Design contract;
  • Contracting (apartment construction, production, construction, design and research works) contract;
  • Contract of carriage;
  • Assignment agreement;
  • Copyright Agreement;
  • License Agreement;
  • Brokerage contract;
  • Customs broker agreement;
  • Storage contract;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Full Material Liability Agreement;
  • Support contracts;
  • Joint Operating Agreement;
  • Debt payment agreement;
  • Financial rental (leasing) agreement;
  • Consumer credit agreement;
  • Preparation of promissory notes;
  • Loan agreement;
  • Debt Transfer Agreement;
  • Claim Assignment Agreement;
  • Contract for performance of obligations (guarantee, pledge, deposit, surety);
  • Marriage contract (pre-nuptial, post-nuptial);
  • Agreement on the division of property acquired in marriage;
  • All other contract.

 Preparation of agreements – from 100 Eur. Absorbed in response to customer needs, we provide clear and detailed answers, the agreements deal with speed and quality.