Preparation of agreements

Our company ‘s business card – preparation of agreements. Professionally and quickly preparing the various agreements, all Treaties, drafting issues. We have already signed contracts, the signature of the Treaties, a legal analysis of the issues.

The contracts:

  • equity (tangible, intangible) assignment;
  • membership rights transfer Agreement;
  • purchase and sale Agreement;
  • gift contract;
  • debt agreements;
  • rent (premises, equipment, businesses, land, non-residential premises) contracts;
  • loan (car, premises) contracts;
  • exchange of contracts;
  • services (legal, translation work, accounting, advertising, second-hand) contracts;
  • a framework Agreement;
  • security contracts;
  • design Agreement;
  • software (apartment construction, manufacturing, construction, design and exploration works) contracts;
  • the transportation contract;
  • contracts;
  • publishing contract;
  • license Agreement;
  • brokering contracts;
  • customs broker Agreement;
  • storage contracts;
  • employment contracts;
  • full material liability has been concluded;
  • support contracts;
  • partnership Agreement;
  • debt payment agreements;
  • financial lease (leasing) Agreement;
  • consumer credit agreements;
  • preparation of bills;
  • loan Agreement;
  • the debt transfer Agreement;
  • the requirement of the transfer agreements;
  • obligations (guarantee, deposit, pledge, suretyship) contracts;
  • marriage (the postnuptial prenuptial) Agreement;
  • the sharing of assets acquired through marriage contracts;
  • all other contracts.

 Preparation of agreements – from 100 Eur. Absorbed in response to customer needs, we provide clear and detailed answers, the agreements deal with speed and quality.