The suspension of the activity of the company

Suspension of the company’s activity is a procedure during which a company that does not conclude and execute any transactions, settlements with business entities and does not receive income, can be recognized as not performing activities. Such a company may be temporarily exempted from filing tax returns.

We are conducting these services:

  • we advise on the suspension of the company’s activities during the entire procedure;
  • we prepare the documents necessary for the company’s temporary exemption from submitting tax returns;
  • we represent the State Tax Inspectorate.

Required documents and information:

  • company data (name, registration number, VAT code, registered office address);
  • data of the company manager (name, surname, personal identification number, residential address);
  • the company’s balance sheet at the beginning of the non-performance period;
  • the period for which the company’s activities are suspended (beginning and end);
  • contacts (phone number, e-mail).