Conversion of an undertaking

Corporate reorganization – this change in the legal form of a legal person, where the new legal form of the legal entity assumes all pertvarkytojo legal rights and obligations. Following the restructuring, legal procedures, operations, only changes its legal form (the individual enterprise is the captive company), association – public institution, etc.). Transformation of a company does not affect the company ‘s assets, rights and obligations transferred – remain the new legal form of the legal person.

 We ‘ll do the following:

  • consultate restructuring questions;
  • the legal owner ‘s Decision to reorganize the entity;
  • we announce this Decision publicly in accordance with the requirements set out in the founding documents of the legal person and the newspaper notice to all creditors;
  • registrate restructured company in the register of legal persons’ legal status;
  • prepare requirements stipulated in the legal acts establishing the corresponding to the new version of the documentation
  • a new legal form rezervate a name in the register of legal persons;
  • we will approve the founding documents of a notary and forms;
  • registrate to the register of legal persons;
  • make a stamp.

 Resolution due date: standard corporate restructuring usually takes about 2 weeks.

Conversion price: from 600 Eur

Transformation of the individual enterprise