Branches and representative offices

UAB „Juriscon“ service – establishment of branches and representative offices. Save your time – invest it in direct activities, and we will take care of the preparation and registration of documents.

Establishment of branches and representative offices with the necessary documents and information:

  • founders (legal person): registration certificate/statement, Articles of Association, appointment documents of the manager and members of the board (if a board is formed), names of representatives of the legal entity, personal identification codes. If the founder is a foreign legal person must submit the following documents: an extract from the register of foreign legal entities, approved in the prescribed manner and legalized with the “Apostille” mark and translated into Lithuanian, Articles of Association, approved in the prescribed manner and legalized with the “Apostille” mark and translated into the Lithuanian language; last year’s financial statements, and in cases provided for by law, consolidated financial statements, approved in accordance with the established procedure;
  • the name of the branch;
  • the registered Office of the branch being established: if the premises owner is a natural person, the Agreement must be certified by a notary; if the premises owner is a legal person, the consent of a legal person shall be signed and approved by the seal of a legal person (if used); if the premises are pledged to a bank, the bank’s consent is required);
  • Manager of the branch and/or of members of the Board of data: name, surname, personal number, address of the place of residence.
  • the commercial – economic activity of the branch.

Branch establishment  – from 650 Eur.