Schengen visa

Our company can draw up an invitation to Lithuania. On the basis of this invitation, you will be issued with a Schengen visa. A valid Schengen visa, you have the right to enter the Republic of Lithuania and a visa in time. The Schengen visa may be single-entry, dual-entry and multiple-entry visas. A group of aliens may be issued with a Schengen visa. A multiple entry visa within half a year, you can have up to 90 days in the Schengen area. With the application, you are entitled to travel to any country in the West country.

The documents necessary for application of the Schengen visa acquisition:

  • a copy of the passport, photo id and the address
  • statement of work, your job role (you must be employed),
  • the purpose of the
  • the date of arrival and departure.

Provisioning document takes up to 7 days.