Changing The statutes – for only 45 €!

Please note that all of the company from 2015 January 1 to amend the Articles of association, it means that to recalculate the amount of the authorised capital specified in the by-laws and the nominal value of the shares from the litas into the register of legal persons, as well as the submission of changed, until 2016 December 31.

We can amend the Articles of association and to register them electronically to the register of legal persons.

Documents required:

  • the Articles of association of the company,
  • the company ‘s certificate of registration (an extract from the register of legal persons),
  • data on the company ‘s shareholders (first name, surname, personal identification number, address, and number of shares),
  • data on the company ‘s director (name, surname, personal code number, address).

 Documents fit within 1 working day. Replace the registration in the register of legal persons in the Articles of association of the company takes up to 3 working days.